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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Escape Dollars?

Whenever you book travel using your Platinum Key membership, you will earn Escape Dollars on every trip. Think of these dollars as a vacation savings plan, that you can either save for later or use right away on another vacation. Best of all, these Escape Dollars are redeemed on a dollar for dollar basis. So if you earned $100.00 on your last cruise, you turn around and use these dollars on your next cruise or perhaps even a condo stay, or vacation package.

What type of travel does Platinum Key provide?

Platinum Key is partnered with many of the industry’s top travel providers. What this means for you is that Platinum Key provides any services that you could ever need in relation to travel. We provide Condo Bookings, Cruises, Vacation Packages, Airfare, Hotel Accommodations, and Rental Cars.

Who are these travel partners?

Platinum Key is powered by Advantage Travel, LLC out of Lakeland, Florida who has longstanding relationships with many of the top travel providers and hospitality industry associations, such as Airline Reporting Corporation, American Resort Development Association, American Society of Travel Agents, Cruise Lines International Association, International Airline Travel Agent Network, and Ensemble Travel Consortium Member. Along with Disney, American Airlines, Carnival Cruises, just to name a few, means that Platinum Key will be able to get you the very best rates on any sort of travel you might need.

What are the differences in Platinum Key and other online travel providers?

Those online retailers specialize in booking group rates and then splitting up the spots with one-on-one bookings to individuals. This does save money, but severely limits your options.. You cannot customize them, and you can never speak to a travel professional at their company. With Platinum Key, you will never encounter that problem. We have travel agents ready and available to counsel you on trips and help you by customizing it to your specific needs; all the while saving you on every booking. Oh and those great group rate bookings, we have those too.

So why should I choose Platinum Key to be my travel provider?

That’s an easy one. We save you money, we have a trained and professional staff ready and willing to make your next trip truly memorable, and with our industry leading Escape Dollars, we pay you to travel.


  1. What can I expect as an Platinum Key Member?

    You can expect industry leading customer support and advice, great savings, Escape Dollar earnings, and best of all, almost 20 years of experience in the travel industry.

  2. I have never stayed in a condo, what is the difference from a hotel room?

    Travelers often prefer vacationing at condominium resorts versus the typical hotel option. Condo resorts boast spacious accommodations that include all the comforts of home, such as full kitchens, washer and dryers, and separate bedroom(s). As a result, condominium vacations consistently provide a more enjoyable and affordable vacation experience. ( I don’t see what changes need to be made or that your referring to on this one)

  3. What about Cruising, what can I expect there?

    Most cruisers will tell you that you have not vacationed until you have taken a cruise. These floating resorts boast some of the most enjoyable vacations possible. Delectable foods, limitless activities onboard 24 hours a day, and exotic ports of call, where you can shop, and experience many different cultures all while packing and unpacking your suitcase one time!

  4. So what is a package vacation?

    Partnering with all the top brands in the package vacation industry, we offer our members an almost unlimited combination of vacation options. Our longstanding relationships, volume-based buying-power, and unique club model translates into "Guaranteed Member Savings" with every booking.

  5. It sounds too good to be true, is it?

    Being powered by a travel agency with nearly 20 year's experience and clout under their belt Advantage Travel, LLC allows Platinum Key to offer the membership. The connections and affiliations are so vast and strong that we can afford to offer this membership to you. Remember that when you are breathing fresh air and feeling the warm rays of the sun on your next vacation with us.

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